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Iron-on Printed Nametapes Guide

Sharon Namemakers - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Iron on printed nametapes are a quick and easy way to label everything from sports uniforms, socks, school t-shirt… pretty much anything you can iron you can label.

Just follow these 4 easy steps for great results: 

  1. Round Corners – Cover your nametape with some thin cloth
  2. Iron – Ensure your iron is on medium heat
  3. Pressure – Apply firm pressure over the nametape with the point of the iron
  4. Time – Each nametape should take approximately 10 to 15 seconds.

Double check that all edges are bonded, if not repeat the process until you are happy with the end result.


Do not attempt to iron onto Rayon, Nylon or Triacetate fabrics.

Store your nametapes in a cool, dry spot for maximum shelf life.


Please note:

For Nursing Home or Boarding School use “NAMEMAKERS®” PRINTED NAMETAPES should be SEWN on to all clothes, linen, etc.

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